Now if you could only see
I know you would agree
There ain't nowhere else to be
Like Massachusetts

Arlo Guthrie, Massachusetts
Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour
September 16 - 20, 2015
See you in September, 2015!  Registration opens for the 2015 tour on Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 8:00 AM Eastern time
The Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour is a four-day, 240 mile bike tour showcasing the best of Massachusetts cycling.  Beginning in the scenic Berkshire hills along the New York border,  the tour meanders through the Connecticut River Valley and spins through the historic communities of Lexington and Concord before arriving in the vibrant capital - Boston. There, riders join more than 5,000 cycling enthusiasts for Hub on Wheels, Boston's annual bicycling festival.

Massachusetts is blessed with some of the finest road cycling in America and the Berkshires to Boston Tour explores the best of the best.  The route intersects with four of the state's designated scenic byways, recognized for their scenic quality, low traffic volumes, and interesting experiences around every bend. We'll be kicking off the 2014 tour with an optional day of exploring the Berkshires by bike.  The region is rich with iconic climbs and rolling pastoral pedalling.  However you like your riding, you'll find a route to meet your interests as you warm up for the cross-state tour.

Early autumn is the ideal time for this ride.  Cool nights are prompting an emerging pallet of fall color but, summer-like days may even encourage a spontaneous, mid-ride dip in Plainfield Pond or another lake along the route.   

Ten percent of the profits from the Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour goes to  support bicycle advocacy organizations.  Massachusetts is blessed with a rich constellation of  organizations that champion a bicycle-friendly environment across the Commonwealth through education, advocacy, programming and special events.  It's no wonder the League of American Bicyclists ranks Massachusetts among the most Bike Friendly States in America. 

This September week also leads up to Massachusetts Department of Transportation's (MassDOT) Clean Air Challenge. Recognizing the environmental, financial, community and health benefits of green, sustainable travel options, Massachusetts Clean Air Challenge promotes bicycling as well as walking, transit, teleworking and carpooling. What better way to support the Commonwealth's clean air goals than by riding a bicycle from one end of the state to the other!

For more information email info@berkshirestoboston or call (413) 824- 2041.  Or join our email list at the link below.
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Gary and Maureen Briere
River's Edge Cycling
Sunderland, Massachusetts

Meet Sprocket, our Tour Mascot

Get Your Official Berkshires to Boston Tour Mug!!!

Kathryn at Cycle Pottery in Hatfield, MA has produced wonderful hand-crafted mugs for the Berkshires to Boston Tour. Each one has its own unique pattern of color and charm.  Email us @ info@berkshirestoboston.comto reserve yours!

"We have a fundamental belief in the remarkable simplicity and beauty of the bike and its ability to solve problems and tranform individuals, communities and our nation.  We celebrate the bike as an icon of freedom and discovery." 
The League of American Bicyclists
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